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Gotag card
Gotag card

Gotag is a modern electronic business card that allows you to share all kinds of information with one touch using NFC technology. The information you provide with Gotag is immediately shared with the phone of the person you meet. With GOTAG business cards, you can share your contact information, social media accounts, messenger information, company information, catalog and presentation files, map information, in short, all kinds of electronic information at once and immediately.

Just as there is no limit to sharing, you can use one GOTAG business card thousands of times.

  • Saving contacts as vCards to phone
  • Share instagram profile page
  • Visit the website
  • Call the phone
  • Start writing in Telegram
  • Keep in touch with Whatsapp
  • Open Facebook profile
  • Show bank information
  • Share the information as a QR code

Advantages and Specifications of GOTAG business cards


49 USD

GOTAG vizitkartının qiyməti 25 USD, 1 illik texniki dəstək qiyməti 24 USD`dir. Kartın aktiv qalması üçün növbəti il sadəcə 24 UZD ödəməklə kartınızı istifadə etməyə davam edə bilərsiniz.

  • Control panel
  • Unlimited use
  • Technical support
  • 1 Annual usage fee
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  • No hidden costs
  • 24 azn with 1 year usage fee is included in the initial purchase, 24 azn payment will be required for use next year
  • Unlimited card usage and data editing are available
  • Technical support with Whatsapp
  • Updates for free and automatically




No, if your friend's phone model is on the list of modern and supported phones, you can share your information with a one touch. If phone model is relatively old and not in the list, then they can get the information by scanning the QR code on the back side of your card.

Make sure you bring GOTAG closer to your phone properly. Depending on the phone model, it is usually on the back of the phone, close to the camera. GOTAG cards cannot be read in the following cases.

When the screen is closed
In flight mode
When the flashlight on the phone is active
When the camera is active

With Gotag business cards, you can share your social media profiles, contact numbers, company or workplace catalogs, products and presentation files, and direct users to special links or a website.

It's very easy. After purchasing the card, you can add your information through the special control panel which we will provide you. You can update and edit your information through the same control panel.

Make sure the phone model is in the provided list. Even if the phone is not on the list, you can share your information with a GOTAG business card via QR code in the back side.

Make sure the phone model is in the provided list. Even if the phone is not on the list, you can share your information with a GOTAG business card via QR code in the back side.

NFC port of the phone must be enabled for GOTAG business cards to work on Android phones.

The information on your card is visible to you and the person you are sharing it with. That is, your data is protected by special encryption.

If your card is lost or damaged for any reason (burns, stolen, broken, etc.), you must contact us to purchase a new card. We will restore your data to your newly purchased card.

After purchase, your GOTAG business card will be shipped to the address specified on registration.

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